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I Am Unwritten

Starting a journal can be intimidating. Staring at a blank page, wondering what profound things other people write, perhaps? Here are some ideas to get started.

Journal themes

Travel – Writing while traveling compliments your photographs. Write on the plane, bus, during a layover, or at the end of the day. Include your itinerary, ticket stubs, pressed flowers (but not from protected parks).

Meditation – Keep inspirational quotes at your fingertips. It could be a place to seek guidance from your higher power or to keep a daily record of how God is working in your life.

Grief and healing – Use a journal to help you through an illness or death of a loved one. Emotions come to the surface as we deal with mortality. Writing can maintain “communication” with a lost loved one and help put thoughts into words.

Dreams – Keep a journal by your bed and write down dreams as soon as you wake up. They can be revealing about current situations. Sometimes they are just so bizarre, you have to write them down.

Quotes – Collect favorite quotes or poems and dedicate a journal solely for them. Write down where you got them, so you can go back to that source again.

Stuck on a blank page?

Start with a thought-provoking quote. Write about something you saw – artwork, a photograph, a gesture, odd highway signs (don’t feed the big horn sheep). Express feelings about an event or idea. Include newspaper clippings. Start a list of improvements for your life, places you’d consider living, different experiences you want to enjoy. Visualizing your dreams is a great tool to make them happen. Write about goals in career, relationship, fitness, spirituality.
More than words

Paste a copy of an email or letter, a newspaper clipping. Press a flower, a postmarked stamp, song lyrics, doodle, sketch, or collage. Map your route of travel. Scribble with a crayon, use rubber stamps, or spill salad dressing and make a face out of the stain (beware writing at dinner).

Journaling can be for you alone, or to share with someone else. You don’t have to read it later, or keep it for that matter. It can be just for the moment. Be true to yourself. You can’t go wrong










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